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How To Put The Webroot Iin Its Place After Installing?

To set up SecureAnywhere, follow these steps. 

  1. Disable all of the programs that are currently running on your desktop.
  2. Ascertain that you will have the global effort, to provide a continuous license that defines your Webroot account.
  3. The key code for http://webroot.com/install can be found in an email response or on the back of the commercial box.
  4. If you acquired a multi-user license, they can install the application on up to such limited devices with the same keycode.
  5. Remember that the keycode itself is linked to SecureAnywhere and does not contain any information about your computer or even its settings. Webroot will not use the deliberate attempt to track actual product usage in either way.

Launch the setup process by inserting a Disk or downloading a file:

  1. Place the CD into the Cd – Rom drive if you’re operating from a CD. A dialogue box appears, and you can start the installation by clicking a link. If the activation prompt does not appear, travel to your CD drive using Internet Explorer and double-click the Microsoft settings app.
  2. If you’re installing from either a downloaded file, open Windows Explorer and navigate to the location where you downloaded the file. Twice the current file to begin the installation. To get started, click Run.
  3. Paste your keycode throughout the area when the Webroot setup window appears.
  4. You can copy-paste your keycode with this form if it comes in an email.

Select the Application Available scenarios to connect http://webroot.com/install across the bottom right as needed to adjust certain options.

Numerous options are displayed in such a new window.

  1. Setup location — Change the location of the SecureAnywhere installation directory to a new folder.
  2. Click the http://webroot.com/install  if you want to create the reference icon for Webroot SecureAnywhere on the computer screen.
  3. To get around specific viruses, change the name of the downloaded file. — Select the checkmark to alter the Webroot installations filename to a random name. The virus won’t be able to detect and stop Webroot’s installation file if you do this.

Webroot.com/install | www.webroot.com/install

Proxy Preferences — Choose the Proxy gear icon to adjust proxy settings. Keep the defaults if you’re not sure what they should be.

  • Until you’re finished, press the Returning arrow to a side of the top menu to exit to the installation screen.
  • To start the installation, press Allow and Run on the basic Installation dialogue.
  • Provide an email address when required, then press the Start button.
  • SecureAnywhere gets to work evaluating and activating the app.